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Are you looking for 4 X Wheel Alignment Chelmsford for your vehicle?


Regularly inspecting the wheel alignment of your vehicle can extend the life of tyres Chelmsford by up to 12,000 miles. It also increases its fuel efficiency and ensures smooth vehicle steering.

At Led Tyres, we provide high quality 4 Wheel Alignment Chelmsford at affordable prices. Our highly trained technicians use the latest machinery to check the Caster, Camber and Toe, which are included in our comprehensive Wheel Alignment services. Our team ensures that the orientation and position of your vehicle’s wheels are as per the manufacturer's recommendation.

    How can we help?

    At Led Tyres, our trained technicians carefully inspect the following wheel angles and then make adjustments with utmost precision. Correct adjustment of misaligned wheels results in improved handling, steering precision, and increased lifespan of the tyres.

    Toe angle - It corresponds to the outer or inner tilt of the wheels when looked at from above, bird's eye view.

    Camber angle - This indicates the inward or outward slope of your vehicle's wheels when seen from the front of the car.

    Caster angle - It is an angle that determines the afore or aft slope of a line - the lower and upper steering pivot points.

    Improper wheel alignment happens due to several reasons.

    Causes of Incorrect Wheel Alignment

    • Hitting a kerb
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Car accident
    • Potholes
    • Driving at high speeds over speed bumps

    Signs of Misaligned Wheels

    Uneven Tyre Tread Wear

    Improper wheel alignment puts extra stress on the tyres, which lead to non-uniform and rapid tread wear. It can significantly reduce the lifespan of the tyres.

    Steering Wheel Vibrations

    When you feel vibrations in your steering wheel while driving, it indicates the misalignment of wheels. You might also notice that even when you are moving along a straight path, your steering wheel is crooked.

    Car Drifts to One Side

    If your vehicle automatically drifts to either side of the road as soon as your hands are off the steering wheel, you must visit Led Tyres for 4 Wheel Alignment Chelmsford.

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    End your search for a professional "wheel alignment garage near me" with Led Tyres. You can find us at Unit 2 Speedwell Garage, Main Road, Chelmsford, CM4 0EQ.

    To schedule, an appointment for Wheel Alignment call 01277 353323. Our friendly team are always willing to help.

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